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As a general rule, packages are shipped within 48 hours of receipt of payment via DHL or MRW with tracking number and unsigned delivery. Contact us to request another option. Whichever way of shipping you choose, we will provide you with a link so you can follow your order online. There is also the possibility of pick up at our facilities.

Shipping costs include handling and packaging costs, as well as postal charges. The handling costs have a fixed price, while the transport costs can vary according to the total weight of the package. We recommend that you group all your items in the same order. We cannot combine two different orders, and shipping charges will apply for each individually. We are not responsible for any damage to your package after shipment, but we do our best to protect all fragile items.

Items are well protected during shipping.


 When and why can an order be returned?

The following situations may occur in the process of returning an order:

-The item I received has been damaged during transportation:

You must notify us of any breakage or damage due to transportation by contacting our Customer Service, either by phone or in writing to, since we must be aware that there has been an incidence within the stipulated period (seven calendar days after receipt of the order).

When you receive your package, make sure that the product has not been damaged during transportation. The package received must be externally in good condition. Otherwise, note this fact in the delivery note of the carrier, reject the shipment and notify PRODYSOL in writing within 24 hours.

If the package has no external symptoms of having suffered any damage during the transport, and once signed the transport note, open it and check the merchandise. In case of deterioration of the product or lack of conformity due to transport (which are not manifested at the time of delivery), you must notify PRODYSOL within 7 days after receipt by e-mail.

It is very important that you remember that we only have seven calendar days to make the insurance effective, so you must communicate these facts within this period by contacting our Customer Service, either by telephone, or writing an e -mail.

You must follow the instructions for sending the return as you are told from our Customer Service department.


-The item I received is not satisfactory and I have decided to return it (Cancellation of purchase):

You have 14 work days from the receipt of your order to be able to return it. Just as on the previous occasion, it is essential that you contact us either by phone or in writing to, so that we can process your return.

You must follow the instructions for sending the return as you are informed from our Customer Service department.

The client runs the entire costs of transport and management.

Requirements for returning an order:

To be able to return an order makes sure that you meet all the requirements:

These within the established period: maximum of fourteen working days from the reception of the order.

You have contacted our Customer Service department to communicate your decision and you have your RMA number.

The item must go in its original packaging

The item must be in perfect condition

The article should be sent with all the documentation that included

The item must be returned with the original completed return form (with its corresponding RMA number)

The product must be perfectly packed to avoid incidents or damage to the transport

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  • Smart balance CPI  

    CPI-Wheel also known as Hoverboard, Smart Balance, electric scooter… Among other names, is a premium product which comply all the quality regulations required. Its SAMSUNG/LG batteries place it as a reference on the market for the quality and reliability.


    CPI-Wheel, the transport dreamed. Discover our gamma of colour, styles and combinations of our SMART BALANCE and give a personal style to your displacements.

    Enjoy of surf on land in any place and moment. A design revolution and proposal really friendly for the skaters.

    An electric scooter that converts the indifference value in enthusiasm. Innovative system of multi-folding and possibility to have the scooter connected to a phone APP.

  • Gadgets CPI-TECH  

    The VR360-Tech are virtual reality glasses. Take advantage of your smartphone with the virtual glasses VR360-Tech. Mounts your device to the glasses for enjoy about total immersion at the available games and videos on the virtual reality.

    The CPI-Tech speakers are wireless speakers with Bluetooth. LED light models controllable through an APP of your smartphone and other water proof models. Listen your music and create your environment.

  • PEN 3DCPI  

    Its simplicity and efficiency allows the users to enjoy a 3D printing experience using the PEN 3D CPI as a traditional pen, as well as, filament colors variety with a thickness of 1,75 mm to use with majority of 3D pens on the market.

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