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The provider, responsible of the website (www.cpi-tech.com), put to disposition of the users the present document which pretends give compliance of the obligations disposed in the law 34/2002, of society information services and electronic commerce (LSSI-CE), as well as report to all of users of the website respect which are the use conditions of the website.

Everyone who access to this website assumes the user paper, committing to the enforcement and rigorous compliance of the dispositions here disposed, as well as any other legal disposition that be applicable.

The provider reserves the right to modify any type of information it might seem in the website, without any obligation to forewarning or put in knowledge of the users these obligations, understanding as enough with the publication in the provider’s website.


The provider disclaims any responsability type derived of the published information in the website, always that this information has been manipulated o introduced for a third person alien to it.

The provider’s website can use cookies to perform determinates functions that are considered essentials for the correct operation and visualization of the site. The cookies used in the website have, in any case, temporal character with the only finality to do more effective its transmission and disappears at the end of users session. In no case will be used cookies to pick up the personal character.

From this website the customer is possible to be redirected to third contents websites. Given the provider cannot always control the contents introduced for the thirds in its website, this one don’t assume any responsibility type respect to that content. In any case, the provider manifest that he will proceed to the immediately withdrawal of any content which can contravene the national or international legislation, the moral or public order, proceeding to the immediately withdrawal to the redirection to this website, putting in knowledge of the competent authorities.

The provider is not responsible of the stored information and contents, an enunciated title but not limited, in forums, chats, generate blogs, comments, social media or any other mean that allows publishing contents of thirds in an independent way in the provider website. However and in compliance to the disposed in the articles 11 and 16 of the LSSI-CE, the provider put to disposition of all the users, authorities and security forces, and collaborating to active form to the withdrawal or in this case the blockade of all those contents which can affect o contravene the national or international legislation, third laws or moral and public order. In case which the users consider that exist susceptible content in the website, please notify immediately to the website administrator.

This website has been reviewed and approved to work properly. At first, can warranty the correct operation for all the year and 24 hours. However, the provider doesn’t not rule the possibility of that exist certain programming errors, or that arises due of overwhelming force, natural disasters, strikes, or similar circumstances that make impossible the website access.

Personal information protection:

The provider is found deeply committed with the Spanish legislation of personal character information, and warranty the integral compliance of the disposed obligations, as well as the implanted security measures disposed in the article 9 of the law 15/1999, of personal character protection (LOPD) and the development regulation of the LOPD.

Intellectual and industrial property

The website, it including an enunciated title but no limited in its programming, edition, compilation and other necessary element for its operation, the designs , logos, texts and graphics are propriety of the provider or in this case has licence or authorization expressed for the authors. All the website contents are found duly protected for the intellectual and industrial property normative, as well as registered in the public registers.

Independent of the finality for which were intended, the total or partial reproduction, use, exploitation, distribution and commercialization, in any case it requires written authorization for provider part. Any use with no previously authorization for the provider part will be considered a serious breach of intellectual and industrial author laws.  

The designs, logos, text and graphics alien to the provider and that can appear on the website, belong to its respective properties, been themselves responsible of any possible controversy. In any case, the provider has the previous authorization by the same.

The provider recognizes in favour to his titular of the corresponding industrial and intellectual property laws, not explaining its mention or appearance in the website the existence of laws or responsibility any of the provider thereon, as neither backrest, sponsorship o recommendation by the same.

To realize any kind of observation respect to the possible breaches of the intellectual and industrial laws, as well as any content of website, you can do it through the following address (cpi-tech@cpi-tech.com)

Applicable law and jurisdiction:

For the resolution of all the controversy or questions related with the present website or the developed activities, will be applied the Spanish legislation, which undergo expressly the parts, been competent for the resolution of all the derivatives conflicts or related with the use of Valencia tribunals.

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  • Smart balance CPI  

    CPI-Wheel also known as Hoverboard, Smart Balance, electric scooter… Among other names, is a premium product which comply all the quality regulations required. Its SAMSUNG/LG batteries place it as a reference on the market for the quality and reliability.


  • Smart balance CPI  

    CPI-Wheel also known as Hoverboard, Smart Balance, electric scooter… Among other names, is a premium product which comply all the quality regulations required. Its SAMSUNG/LG batteries place it as a reference on the market for the quality and reliability.


    CPI-Wheel, the transport dreamed. Discover our gamma of colour, styles and combinations of our SMART BALANCE and give a personal style to your displacements.

    Enjoy of surf on land in any place and moment. A design revolution and proposal really friendly for the skaters.

    An electric scooter that converts the indifference value in enthusiasm. Innovative system of multi-folding and possibility to have the scooter connected to a phone APP.

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    The VR360-Tech are virtual reality glasses. Take advantage of your smartphone with the virtual glasses VR360-Tech. Mounts your device to the glasses for enjoy about total immersion at the available games and videos on the virtual reality.

    The CPI-Tech speakers are wireless speakers with Bluetooth. LED light models controllable through an APP of your smartphone and other water proof models. Listen your music and create your environment.

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