Price Policy, Warranties and Repairs


1 - Limited Warranty


PRODYSOL reserves the right at any time and unilaterally to change the price of the products and services offered through its website. There may be slight color variations, as well as minor product modifications.

In order to guarantee to the customer the certainty and security of the price of its products, this will be the one in force in the advertising coincident with the moment of formalizing the order.


PRODYSOL will not be responsible for the damages caused in its products by negligence, misuse or abuse by the customer, including a bad installation, tests, alterations or modifications made in any way by the same.

The regulation of the sale of goods between companies to integrate them into their production process is not governed by the application of the legal guarantee of Law 23/2003 on Guarantees on the Sale of Consumer Goods.

This law 23/2003 is applicable to the final consumer as a natural person who should be offered the term of 2 years of guarantee.

In the event that the recipient of these products is another company, the defects will be governed by the Commercial Code and the regulation of defects for hidden and manifest defects comes into play.

Therefore, the term of guarantee of the goods, will be given by the commercial guarantee offered by the seller or that the customer requires, but does not apply the 2 years of the law of consumer goods guarantees.

The General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users establishes that consumers are the natural or legal persons who acquire, use or enjoy as final recipients of movable property, whatever the public or private nature, individual or collective of those who Produce or supply.

They will not have the consideration of consumers who, without forming themselves as final recipients, acquire store or consume goods with the purpose of integrating them into production, transformation, commercialization or rendering to third parties.


The SELLER warrants to the BUYER:

a) Use, maintenance, parts and labor in relation to the parts of the product (mechanical components manufactured by a third party of which the manufacturer's guarantee of said parts will be responsible for the period of 6 months from delivery).

b) During the period of 1 year from the delivery of the machine, the use, maintenance, materials, parts and labor for replacement, in relation to the rest of the product.

Risks excluded: This warranty does not include:

a) Any replacement of perishable components and / or replacement of components subject to wear. Components that by their nature wear out over time and / or use are not covered by the warranty. Some of these components, without limitation may be wheels, bearings, belts, spindles, etc.

b) Adjustments, cleanings or other periodical works of adaptation of the product.

c) Any cost of shipping or transporting the machine or parts of repair and / or replacement.

d) Any cost of travel and / or accommodation and / or maintenance of the operators of THE SELLER not reflected in the commercial offer previously.

e) Any damage caused in the product by Force Majeure and / or by a misuse of the same by the BUYER.

f) Any defect that is fault or negligence of a third party, or derived from the use of the product or by a third party outside the BUYER.

g) Any defect or breakdown in the product, even within the guarantee periods if it has been used improperly.

h) Any loss of profit, interest for delay or other damages that may be claimed by the BUYER and / or third parties in relation to the use of the product; or derived from commitments assumed by the BUYER with third parties or as a result of a product stoppage.

PROCEDURE: THE BUYER will inform the SELLER in writing and as soon as possible of any serious and / or repeated incidents that the product has within the warranty periods indicated in the section.

It will briefly describe the reasons why the product is not functioning correctly. THE BUYER will refrain from manipulating the product without following the instructions of the SELLER. THE SELLER will attempt to repair the defects by communicating with the technicians and / or operators of the BUYER; if possible The Purchaser assumes the following obligations:

a) Use the product for the use for which it has been purchased.

b) Do not handle the product improperly.

c) Allow the use of the product to qualified people.

d) Inform the SELLER of any serious incidents that the product might suffer during the warranty period indicated.

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    CPI-Wheel also known as Hoverboard, Smart Balance, electric scooter… Among other names, is a premium product which comply all the quality regulations required. Its SAMSUNG/LG batteries place it as a reference on the market for the quality and reliability.


  • Smart balance CPI  

    CPI-Wheel also known as Hoverboard, Smart Balance, electric scooter… Among other names, is a premium product which comply all the quality regulations required. Its SAMSUNG/LG batteries place it as a reference on the market for the quality and reliability.


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